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Experienced Pergola Builders for Residential & Commercial Clients in Southern Sydney

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Enhance Your Outdoor Space with Stunning Pergolas by Venom Construction

Pergolas, both insulated and non-insulated, are the perfect addition to your outdoor haven. At Venom Construction, we provide various pergola services that cater to your preferences and location. We are also a preferred installer for Versiclad Insulated Panelling.

Insulated Pergolas

For advanced comfort, our insulated pergolas are the way to go. Crafted with high-quality materials and roof insulation, they regulate temperature year-round. Benefits include:


  • Comfort: Escape the heat of summer and embrace cozy warmth in winter.


  • Energy Efficiency: Reduce energy bills by minimising heat transfer.

  • Durability: Built to withstand diverse weather conditions.

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Non-Insulated Pergolas

Our non-insulated pergolas are an excellent choice for those seeking affordable shade solutions. These classic designs offer an open framework without roof insulation. While budget-friendly, they still provide reliable shade and protection against the elements. Benefits include:

  • Affordability: These pergolas fit snugly within your budget.


  • Aesthetics: Choose from various styles that add elegance to your backyard.

  • Versatility: Ideal for outdoor dining or cozy seating areas.

Our Pergola Services

Venom Construction offers a comprehensive range of pergola services. Whether you desire shade or a year-round outdoor haven, our skilled carpenters can bring your vision to life. We work within your budget, ensuring your pergola aligns with your needs.

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Create your dream outdoor living space.
Tell us about your deck and pergola project today.

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